5 Tips Explaining Why Pitching With a Video Can Win You the Deal

A video can do for you what you can't do yourself.” And you must be thinking if a video can really do the trick for you. Can it? Actually it can. If you want something explained or shown, then a video is what you'll need. Maximum exposure is the name of the game! But wait, there's more to a video than meets the eye. And what are they? Well, here are 5 tips to explain the hidden reasons why many do and why you too should opt for videos to get things going the right way – Up!

1. Simple Human psychology – I think everyone remembers cartoons and animations from their childhood. I know you do. Just try remembering how nice they seemed to you, often nicer than your favorite story books. Now why is that? Simple, cartoons are audiovisuals. They demand more concentration than books. Books or rather texts do not move or dance or laugh about now do they? Whatever a video has, it is in motion and demands your eyes, ears and above all concentration. Also, now getting down to serious science, the human brain itself can perceive visuals much more quickly than texts or alphabets. Try it yourself; which is easier? Reading a whole newspaper article or watching the news regarding the same event? You might have the answer by now.

2. A story in a nutshell – You might just remember the Jockey advert; fusing a Michael Buble number with performance arts. “It's a new day it's a new life for me/And I'm feeling good.” This is what Jockey wants to brandish itself into giving with their products. And the story is told in just a nutshell; briefly, precisely and beautifully in a matter of 33 seconds. You do get the drift?

3. Emotional Connect – Today's world is a fast world and time literally flies. So you have to make sure whatever you are doing is worth remembering. You need to grab the viewers' attention. How? Connect with them by giving them something that touches them in one way or another. With a video you can manipulate the user into watching and listening to what you want them to. Make sure that you merge these two together. “Unity is strength.” An average user will be more inclined to go through a video than read a whole text on the same subject.

4. Out-of-the-box – You must have read a couple of terribly tiny tales. Interesting aren't they? You know why? Because they are not ordinary, they are different. But you cannot show what you want to show with these really tiny texts or even a whole essay. You need something brief but different. A short teaser of a video, spanning about 30 odd seconds can do the trick. “You have to be interesting at any cost.” If you are interesting, the viewer will be hooked till the end and voila! You'll definitely have every bit of the attention which you want so badly!

5. Exposure – A 5 minute video is easier to go through and can hook a viewer more than a 500 word blog – this is the truth! And less time means you can hook more people. A video simply goes around the internet faster! A strong script, nice background score and a relevant topic with a dash of creativity – add all these to a video and you'll definitely get what you want.

“A video is a video is a video!”

Why Your Startup Needs an Explainer Video

Marketing a startup business can be tough, especially when you offer an innovative new product or service. Not only are you trying to establish a new brand, but you have the challenge of explaining exactly what you do and how it's different from every other company out there. Oh, and did we mention that most people have short attention spans? They probably aren't going to sit through a long presentation or read a 10-page whitepaper.

So what's a startup to do? The answer is actually rather simple: you need an explainer video.

Short, Sweet, And To The Point

By now, you undoubtedly know what an explainer video is: a short video (one to three minutes) that introduces people to your company or product and explains exactly what you do in an entertaining and compelling manner.

An explainer isn't an advertisement or a sales pitch, although they generally include a call to action. It's an introduction designed to get potential customers interested enough in your company to want to learn more – and maybe eventually convert.

In fact, explainer videos are proven to help increase conversions – in some cases by as much as 80 percent. Video engages customers; according to one survey, more than 90 percent of customers believe that video is helpful to decision-making, and 64 percent of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. Why is this the case? Well, video has a few advantages over other types of marketing.

1. It's Short

We've already established that audiences have short attention spans. That being said, you might be surprised at how much information you can pack into a 60- to 90-second video. More importantly, the short format forces you to focus on the key points. What's your unique selling position? What's your value proposition? What problem(s) can you solve?

2. Videos Reveal Your Culture

As a new company, your audience doesn't have a sense of who you are yet. Through video, and your choice of images, music, characters, and script, you can easily provide a glimpse of your brand and your culture and help your audience get a better sense of who you are.

3. Video Simplifies Complex Topics

Again, explainer videos force you to simplify complex topics to fit the format. If your startup offers something completely new and different, an explainer will distill it down to the key points and focus on what's in it for the customer. When you make an animated explainer, you can provide viewers with an inside look at a complex product that they might not otherwise see, and make it easier for them to understand exactly what it is you have to do.

4. Videos Improve Chances Of Going Viral

If you want to improve your SEO results (and who doesn't?) video is the way to go. YouTube ranks second overall in Google search results, and video overall is shared more often than other forms of content. By sharing your explainer on social media, your blog, YouTube, and other places, you can increase your reach and organic search traffic results – something you need as a new business.

Making a Startup Explainer

When making an explainer to market your startup, many of the same principles as making any other explainer apply. The major difference is that this video is likely to be the very first introduction that most people will have to your company. It's very important that you pay special attention to how it reflects your brand, your company mission, and your company values.

With that in mind, the actual process of making an explainer isn't that difficult, especially since there are plenty of tools like online animation makers or storyboard software to help you. The most difficult – and arguably important – part of the process is the development of the script. When writing the script, keep in mind:

    • The explainer needs to be customer-focused. Don't talk about the features, talk about how they benefit the customer. Make sure the video answers the question: “What's in it for me?”


    • You need a call to action. What do you want people to do after watching the video? Tell them, and make it easy for them to respond.


    • Show what makes your company unique. How are you different from other companies in your industry? What makes you special?


  • Keep it simple. Your audience does not need or want to know everything about you at this point. The point of the video is to pique their interest so they respond to your offer or request more information. Hit the highlights, and leave them wanting more.

Once you have a script, the animation itself doesn't have to be complicated. A simple whiteboard video or two-dimensional animation can get the job done. Focus on getting your message across, being entertaining, and giving customers what they need, and your explainer video can help take your startup to a whole new level.

3D Animation Versus Motion Graphics

In the world of marketing and the promotion of goods and services the present time offers amazing ways to turn a simple message into a whole communication experience. We owe it to the creativity of designers and imaging experts that have developed a range of options in which everybody can find one that fits their needs and expectations.

What Can Be Done With Motion Graphics?

Let's say that you need a professional presentation about health services and you want it to look outstanding but to keep people's attention on the message instead of on the pictures or graphics used in it. You can add a lot of rhythm and dynamism to your conference with motion graphics. This means that you can insert moving tags, make titles appear and disappear, use statistics in an attractive way, showing how the figures go up and down according to your data. You will have a clear and engaging document that keeps your audience attentive but with the focus on the aspects you are trying to show them. What you need is a video that uses motion graphics and probably a voice-over or a professional-looking person who delivers the information.

Now, let's consider that your business is very creative and avant-garde, and you want to show your prospective clients just how imaginative it is. So, you design a scene where the CN Tower bends itself towards Lake Ontario then fishes your product out of it and you show it in a little movie! Then you use a 3D Animation video to bring the building to life and to give your product an astonishing look beyond reality.

What Works Best for You, Motion Graphics or 3D Animation?

For some services and products a little conservatism works better than for others. For instance, science and arts can benefit from 3D animation to show discoveries or inventions, things that won't necessary be seen with the naked eye and have to be shown in a dramatic way. For the financial or public sectors, a neat and straight-forward video presentation can convey trust and confidence to the audience.

In video making, your budget is something you have to take into account as well. You want the best images you can get for the money you invest in them. Then, you need to decide: you can have the best motion graphics available in the area, or you can have a not-so-well done but cheap 3D animation. We don't need to tell you that the professional quality of a good motion graphic will beat any other product you can have.

Video communication is a crucial part of every day life, reaching people who have different concepts or ideas but who live together, share and do business with each other. Your video options have to honor the particular character of this big city in which thousands of messages come and go every hour. Get the best out of it by using the right tool to tell them what you do and how you do it in a unique way.

Success With Email Marketing: Tips, Tricks And Techniques From The Experts

It is well-known that email marketing can be extremely effective. Having said that, it can be very hard to use. For example, how do you obtain a large number of email addresses to run an effective campaign? What is the proper way to market via email? The below article provides some advice that give you answers to these types of questions and lots of others. Try using these tips to have an effective email marketing campaign. Be sure that you're not sending out marketing emails that are unsolicited. People who receive your unsolicited marketing messages may report them as spam. Not only is this bad for your reputation, but some ISPs might block your IP address if too many people complain that you are sending unsolicited marketing messages.

TIP! Make sure you pay attention the cycles of consumer purchases so that you can ascertain the impact this makes. Consumers generally consider getting offers, search for information on it all, then figure out whether or not to buy it.

Avoid bombarding your recipients with the “Buy now!” approach. It will eventually backfire. This redundant approach can make you appear “spammy” and you can lose customers this way. Trust me, all of them know you are trying to sell a product or service; however, you will realize greater success if you first build a relationship with them and then promote both yourself and what you are offering, professionally. You will be more likely to get a sale from them. Any content you intend on emailing out should be proofread and edited. The content of your emails, from subject to footer, must be typo-free and properly written. Before you ever hit “send,” test your email layout to ensure your satisfaction with the way it looks. Also, if you place links in your email, test them to make sure they work.

TIP! When pursuing online advertising, use landing pages to your advantage. Landing pages that you use to target people with an ad that made them go there will help you a lot more than the general website.

Only send email to customers after they have agreed to receive your mailings. People will generally view unwanted emails as spam and will ignore them or delete them without reading them. Sending out bulk, unsolicited email to customers may also violate your ISP's terms of service. Don't send emails to people who have not given their express consent. Anyone who spams in any format will instantly receive a negative reputation. You may lose many of your customers, which is the total opposite of your marketing goals!

TIP! Incentives can drive people to act when they wouldn't otherwise. You providing customers with incentives they need generates sales immediately.

Be sure you have good content in your emails and that it isn't all a marketing pitch. Offer your subscribers deals that they can't find anywhere else, including your main website. Make sure to add special offers and discounts for your products and services. Be prepared to offer holiday or birthday greetings, and other special communications, that don't always appear to be eliciting a purchase. Avoid sending your email marketing near holidays. Many people don't access their emails on those days, and you risk them being overlooked among the others that arrived during that same time. Keep in mind that there could be exceptions to this. Black Friday, for example, is one occasion where a date relevant campaign is warranted.

TIP! Generating quality leads will be improved by establishing yourself as a trustworthy provider. Avoid screaming ads and offers that seem cheesy or too hyped up.

Email marketing is effective, but many business may encounter several issues. Certain businesses struggle in getting enough email addresses. Other businesses fail when it comes to planning out how they want to send out emails to their list. If you use the advice in this guide, your business will be able to bypass a lot of these issues. Use this article to ensure that your email marketing program is effective.

How Lucky Is That – Or Do I Have 9 Lives?

Well sometimes we don't appreciate what we have. I am feeling a bit sorry for myself having fallen on some steps and not only knocked myself unconscious but I have discovered I have a spinal fracture. My biggest problem I cannot sleep. However I have all my faculties and can walk, be it slowly right now.

This takes me back to 1940 when I was born 3 months early, the weight of a bag of sugar, and discarded on the floor as dead. Later apparently a nurse picked me up, presumably to dispose of me but blew in my face and I started breathing. How lucky is that, certainly a narrow escape! Well despite no incubators; a hot water bottle and a light bulb kept me warm and I thrived!

I have so far had an interesting and varied life, bringing into the world 3 healthy youngsters who are all doing well and have families of their own. I spent my working life nursing, teaching and later enjoyed selling a selection of commodities for 40 years, so much so I only retired last year. Now internet marketing is my passion.

I now have a small internet business, which isn't getting too much attention right now, but is a great interest which I love working on. Usually I am fortunate to have excellent health, a loving partner and family. We spend summers in the English countryside and winters in the warmth of Spain.

It was in Spain I fractured my Patella (knee-cap) last year, does that count as another life? Not yet speaking Spanish, conversations with the doctor was via a computer and “translate”. However the medical treatment in Spain was first class.

My internet business is growing and it offers time and location freedom, despite being temporarily incapacitated I can still work it. It gives me an interest whilst my sporty partner follows his hobbies and extra cash is always useful!

If time and location freedom is what you hanker after, so that you can work around family commitments, hobbies or other interests, begin now and build your dream with a laptop internet connection and affiliate marketing.

To make your introduction into the on-line world as simple as possible and low risk begin with the guidance of a coach and mentor, working in your spare-time, perhaps a bit less TV! Enjoy the help and comradeship of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs whilst you grow your business.

With the guidance of a mentor providing a range of excellent products for your customers, together with sales pages, advice, training and marketing tools you can begin earning commissions whilst you are learning the techniques.

I am so pleased I started my online business which I can work despite any temporary calamities, with time and location freedom I can work anywhere, whatever hours are available and grow my business to a size that suits me and my expectations. There are many part-time mum's, full-time super affiliates and many millionaires. Where do your dreams lie? So whatever temporary disasters befall you turn it into a benefit.

Do I have 9 lives or am I just accident prone at the moment – I did break a mirror last year, it's a good job I'm not superstitious! One advantage of my current mishap I have plenty of time to catch-up on my reading and only another 3 weeks until it is completely healed and life can return to normal.

So Good Luck for your future and enjoy a new venture.