Using YouTube to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Time To Complete Your YouTube Channel Page

By now you have probably read through some of the YouTube tutorials mentioned in the last article. The tutorials are a valuable piece of the puzzle when working on any YouTube account.

Now, you are going to open the channel page, where you are going to see that more information is required. The ‘Home' tab as well as the ‘About' tab are the two you will be working on.

Home Tab:

YouTube, by default, uses whichever picture you use on your Google+ page. If you are not happy with this image, you can change it using the Home tab.

– To upload your new image, click on the ‘Add channel art' button, or by using the edit button in the upper right corner of the image. You have to hover over the image to see this edit button.

– Click on ‘drop-down menu', and choose ‘edit channel art.' Next, you are going to either drag an image into the available box, or you are going to upload one from your files. One thing you should be aware of is that YouTube recommends image files be no larger than 2,560×1,440 pixels.

However, this is not the size of the actual image on your page – which will be smaller. Therefore, make sure that any important part of your image, and any names, addresses or phone numbers are not located too close to the sides of the image. You don't want important information cropped from your image.

About Tab:

After you have settled on the perfect sized image, click on the ‘About tab' button. Three buttons (Channel description, Links, and Add Channels) help you set up your new YouTube account.

Channel description: Use this text box to describe your business, brand or service. You want to come up with something catchy that people are going to remember about your business.

Links: The link section connects your YouTube accounts to all your online profiles. Your cover photo can be overlaid with as many links as you desire. This section is also where you can opt to let the public keep track of the views you receive, and whether or not you want them to know when you created your account.

Add Channels: The add-channels page is also the area where you can highlight different areas of your business. You can also use it to sing the praises of your partners and staff.

It takes time to learn your way around the world of YouTube, so you may want to leave this page blank until you actually have other YouTube channels to highlight. This page is always available for you to come back and update as needed.

The next part of this series will take place in the YouTube Creator Studio. All the features and tools you will need are located in the Creator Studio.

You are the creator; this space will teach you how to create, organize your channel, manage your videos, and handle your fans, all while creating your video magic: increase traffic to your blog with YouTube.

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