5 Tips Explaining Why Pitching With a Video Can Win You the Deal

A video can do for you what you can't do yourself.” And you must be thinking if a video can really do the trick for you. Can it? Actually it can. If you want something explained or shown, then a video is what you'll need. Maximum exposure is the name of the game! But wait, there's more to a video than meets the eye. And what are they? Well, here are 5 tips to explain the hidden reasons why many do and why you too should opt for videos to get things going the right way – Up!

1. Simple Human psychology – I think everyone remembers cartoons and animations from their childhood. I know you do. Just try remembering how nice they seemed to you, often nicer than your favorite story books. Now why is that? Simple, cartoons are audiovisuals. They demand more concentration than books. Books or rather texts do not move or dance or laugh about now do they? Whatever a video has, it is in motion and demands your eyes, ears and above all concentration. Also, now getting down to serious science, the human brain itself can perceive visuals much more quickly than texts or alphabets. Try it yourself; which is easier? Reading a whole newspaper article or watching the news regarding the same event? You might have the answer by now.

2. A story in a nutshell – You might just remember the Jockey advert; fusing a Michael Buble number with performance arts. “It's a new day it's a new life for me/And I'm feeling good.” This is what Jockey wants to brandish itself into giving with their products. And the story is told in just a nutshell; briefly, precisely and beautifully in a matter of 33 seconds. You do get the drift?

3. Emotional Connect – Today's world is a fast world and time literally flies. So you have to make sure whatever you are doing is worth remembering. You need to grab the viewers' attention. How? Connect with them by giving them something that touches them in one way or another. With a video you can manipulate the user into watching and listening to what you want them to. Make sure that you merge these two together. “Unity is strength.” An average user will be more inclined to go through a video than read a whole text on the same subject.

4. Out-of-the-box – You must have read a couple of terribly tiny tales. Interesting aren't they? You know why? Because they are not ordinary, they are different. But you cannot show what you want to show with these really tiny texts or even a whole essay. You need something brief but different. A short teaser of a video, spanning about 30 odd seconds can do the trick. “You have to be interesting at any cost.” If you are interesting, the viewer will be hooked till the end and voila! You'll definitely have every bit of the attention which you want so badly!

5. Exposure – A 5 minute video is easier to go through and can hook a viewer more than a 500 word blog – this is the truth! And less time means you can hook more people. A video simply goes around the internet faster! A strong script, nice background score and a relevant topic with a dash of creativity – add all these to a video and you'll definitely get what you want.

“A video is a video is a video!”

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